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Bank Services

We offer a wide range of services including compliance lighting surveys, lighting consultation, property inspections, and ATM cleaning.
The Survey Package
Some companies charge up to $400 for a survey. We include more services than merely the survey and provide the customer much more value at a substantially lower cost. Our services include photos of any property discrepancy at no additional charge. We use quality, certified equipment and do not cut corners. Our service area is California, Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Oregon, and Washington. A typical survey package includes:
  • ATM Lighting Survey
  • Property Inspection
  • ATM Cleaning
  • Crime Report
  • Night Depository Lighting Survey
We will send survey and property reports via email unless you specify other means of delivery. Photos of maintenance discrepancies, including lights, will be included at no extra charge. To be in compliance, changes to existing lighting schemes may be necessary. Often, the addition of a single light source will correct a lighting deficiency, but other changes may be necessary. Our recommendations for lighting changes will assist you in achieving compliance with state codes.
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