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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an ATM Compliance Lighting Survey?
A survey is a set of lighting samples within the access area (50 feet) of an ATM or Night Depository to determine if the ambient light meets state standards.

2. Why does my bank need a survey?
Washington and Oregon have strict lighting standards for the ATM and Night Depository; Texas only requires a survey for the ATM. Monetary fines may be assessed if the bank is out of compliance. Most importantly, proper lighting helps protect the customer from robbery.

3. How often do I need a survey?
Most banks have their surveys accomplished annually, but some desire quarterly or semi-annual surveys.
4. How much does a survey cost?
Prices vary throughout the survey industry. However, some companies simply charge too much and include services not needed. DO NOT OVERPAY FOR A LIGHTING SURVEY.

5. Can I do my own surveys?
Yes, but it's not recommended. Sometimes unusual situations are encountered and a bank may not be familiar with established survey practices. Even though you may have the correct equipment, a lack of surveying expertise may prevent an accurate lighting assessment. A survey by a professional, unbiased third party will present no conflict of interest for the bank.

6. Does my night depository need a survey?
Not necessary in most states. However, it's prudent to survey the night depository since it's a focal point for large amounts of money; it's also the focal point of robberies.
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